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"From the design to the finished product"

As an innovative enterprise and competent partner of the industry we manufacture central and mass production range of CNC-precision and automat turned workpieces from all machinable materials since 1990. We put our experience of many years as well as an extensive specialized knowledge for the manufacturing of complicated delivery parts and building groups to our customers at the disposal.

Since 1998 our enterprise resides in own factory in the trade area in Fambach. Our precise work esteemed from many branches of industry, e.g. automobile industry, furniture industry and tool manufacturing industry or the mechanical and plant engineering, abroad and inland. Our machinery consists mainly of modern CNC-lathes with bar loading systems, CNC-milling machines as well as form and bar automatic lathes. This machine equipment offers not only an appropriate quality standard, but also a high flexibility with the fulfilment of individual customer's requests.

pictures of the factory building:
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